Producing film and TV safely amidst the current global pandemic is imperative.
RADAR is your solution.

We design and implement full-service mitigation strategies with customizable, scalable pandemic production plans. Our team of experts are your reliable source of information, strategy and deployment to keep cast and crew safe during the evolving global pandemic.


RADAR means Relentless Action to Defend Against Risk. From start to finish, we fluidly mitigate risk for cast and crew.

RADAR Pandemic Production Plans are seamlessly integrated with production schedules while immediately identifying and isolating illness.

In accordance with DGA and the CDC guidelines, we rapidly source and synthesize emerging data and the latest medical health and safety information at the international, national, state and local levels to build the best solution for any production.

RADAR accomplishes this comprehensive full-service mitigation strategy through all phases of production with:

  • Guidelines
  • Testing
  • Data Privacy
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Logistics Support
  • Staffing and Technology Solutions

Our Expertise in Action

The RADAR team is experienced not just in theory, but in practice. Our team of highly skilled and experienced field professionals have operated in challenging environments, areas of conflict, and war zones. We utilize experts from the medical, military, technology, insurance and entertainment fields and integrate seamlessly with your production.

Some of our medical teams’ accomplishments include:

  • Worldwide renowned leadership in the provision of on-the-ground insurance claims support and emergency medical assistance services for insurance companies, NGOs and corporate customers with a global outreach including remote areas, hostile and other challenging environments.
  • Provides global complex claims solutions for world renowned US Insurance carriers and Lloyd’s of London Syndicates in areas relating to health, personal accident and Work Compensation.
  • Has a global network of over 40,000 medical service and emergency assistance resources in 192 countries including air ambulance and Search & Rescue Operators.
  • Setup and assisted MOAS an international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing aid and emergency medical relief to refugees and migrants which has reached over 100,000 children, women and men through its programs in the field.
  • In the Mediterranean the organization designed search and rescue operations that saved over 39,000 lives at sea.
  • In Bangladesh, installed and operated 2 large field hospital facilities providing medical care and assistance to Rohingya refugees fleeing from violence and persecution in Myanmar.


RADAR offers a comprehensive suite of services to address your pandemic related concerns, customized to the scope, scale, and schedule of your production.

  • Pandemic Compliance Supervisor
  • Production Plans
  • Privacy and Security
  • Custom Scenario Forecasting
  • Protocols
  • On Site Testing

Pandemic Compliance Supervisor

  • Administer testing procedures including which type of test, how everyone gets tested and how results are verified.
  • Coordinates daily health checks.
  • Customizes protocols for production schedule, location, sets, call sheets, shoot requirements.
  • Arrives on locations and sets day before to set-up including zones, PPE, sanitizer etc.
  • Supervises cleaning/sterilization after each wrap.
  • Ensures all forms are completed and COVID compliance satisfied for each locale.
  • Manages reporting software including contact tracing admin.
  • Works with onset medic and other personnel to enforce COVID protocols.

Customizable Pandemic Production Plans

Critical to implementing a Pandemic Production Plan is a clear organization with reporting chains to ensure protocols and planning are conducted for each production. RADAR is your single point of contact for senior production personnel while partnering at the department level and below to minimize risk to personnel and production.

Each Pandemic Response Group is led by the RADAR Medical Director serving as an advisor to the Production team, the Medical Director is responsible for ensuring proper staff and equipment are available for each activity on the production schedule and cause no delays to production.

Pandemic Production Plans are specific to each production and result in a recommendation of the medical team composition, supplies, and technology relative to the size and complexity of the production.

Phase 1: Green Light Decision

Phase 2: Production Planning in the Pandemic World

Phase 3: Pre-Production with Pandemic Scheduling

Phase 4: Principal Photography with Active Pandemic Protocols

Phase 5: Post Production

RADAR is here for every phase of Production:

  • Testing
  • Secure Health Checks and Contact Tracing
  • Training
  • Systems for Compliance, Safety, Privacy and Security
  • Electronic forms for cast and crew compliance and readiness
  • Secure mobile touchless identity verification for access to sets, locations, lodgings etc.
  • Biometric based identity, secure, and easy to use.
  • Secure, mobile, HIPAA and GDPR compliant test result reporting and contact tracing
  • Secure reporting for production managers and executive teams

Privacy and Security

Testing equals safety. But with testing comes results and reporting. This is a complex and sensitive issue. Rely on our experts to do this and mitigate the liabilities and stresses from your production through all phases.

Custom Scenario Forecasting

  • What if a principal actor tests positive?
  • What if one or more members of the crew test positive?
  • What if a key cast member or crew member have been sick in the immediate past? When are they safe?
  • What if there is an outbreak in an area near our location and local guidelines or regulations change?
  • What if local accommodations are impacted by COVID-19?
  • How are our medical contingency plans impacted by COVID-19?

Safety Protocols

We implement each government and medical restriction into our protocols from the most protective and cautious position to insure the safety of all cast and crew.



Scott Gardenhour – Co-Founder

Scott is a multi-faceted producer for film and brand advertising. He was invited to speak at the Wharton School of Business about the discipline of brand marketing and it’s potential to inform all areas of entertainment projects. He has worked on large scale feature film projects and has won numerous awards for his commercial work including Gold Lions, Clios and an Emmy. Under his leadership, he led the world renown Propaganda films Commercial Division to win the Palme d’Or in Cannes for ‘Best Commercial Production Company of the year.


Christopher Catrambone – Co-Founder

Chris is a US entrepreneur who serves others. Tangiers International has offices in the United States and with operational headquarters in Malta, is now a leader in the provision of on-the-ground insurance claims support and emergency medical assistance services for insurance companies, NGOs and corporate customers with a global outreach including emerging markets and remote areas, hostile and other challenging environments.


Dr. John Quinn – Medical Director

Dr. John Quinn has international experience working in conflict, disaster and emergency medicine. He holds master’s in public health (MPH) and PhD in Hygiene and Epidemiology in war and conflict. He is both a paramedic and practicing emergency medical doctor with over 20 years’ experience globally. Dr. Quinn has performed emergency medical assessments in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, Iraq, Peru, Kurdistan and Timor-Leste. He established and operated remote medical clinics in conflict zones and for remote communities and has consulted for NATO and NATO partner nations in the health and medical stability operations sectors. He worked as an emergency physician at a Level One Trauma Center in Ireland and has worked in Ukraine providing emergency medical consulting and training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Prolonged Field Care (PFC).


Adam Somner – Key Consultant

Adam is the entertainment industries most sought after First Assistant Director. He has worked on some of the most demanding film projects and with the most respected filmmakers in the entertainment industry such as Ridley Scott, James Mangold, Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Spielberg.


Kieran Keelty (USAF) – Key Consultant

Commander Keelty is the Current Commander of the 748th Supply Chain Management Group, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The group is assigned to the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, Air Force Sustainment Center. He previously served as a Branch Chief in the Air Staff Directorate of Logistics, in two command tours, as Operations Officer in both Air Mobility and Logistics Readiness Squadrons, and at two Major Command staffs.